Originated in the early 90's by Uncle C
Infused with BBQ traditions from the Caribbean
Use our BBQ sauce as a marinade
Scored 92 out of 100 among the top elite sauce makers.
First produced in the South
Served to friends and family for many years.
Create your own zesty unique flavors.

Woodstock Georgia is the birthplace of our special sauce. Using nothing but the best ingredients we prepare this original blend ideally designed for ribs, steaks, chicken and burgers.


6548 Hwy 92,
Acworth, Georgia 30102.
Lake Center


Mon - Thus: Closed
Friday - Saturday: 11AM - 6PM
Sunday: 12AM - 5PM


Telephone 1: 770-256-4945
Fax: 678-401-4378
E-mail: unclecsbbq@yahoo.com

The history of taste

It all originated in the early 90's when Uncle C and wife introduced their family secret brewed barbeque sauce to their friends. The Uncle C's original BBQ sauce was an instant hit at cookouts, gatherings & corporate events.

Uncle C's goes nationwide

So when Uncle C entered a professional tasting and scored 92 out of 100 among the top elite sauce makers. No one was surprised, he knew he had a hit! The word soon spread and Uncle C's original BBQ sauce was in top demand at cookouts through the nation!

Uncle C's BBQ Sauce is ideal for


Pork and Beef
1/4, 1/2, and full slabs, rib sandwiches, takeout and dinner plates


Smoked or Jerk
Sandwiches, dinner plates, combos, chopped chicken briskets


and Hot dogs
Smoked beef sausage, chopped pork, ribs (three bones), Beef Brisket


and Veggies
And sides: baked bean, mac & cheese, potato salad and french fries