Combo Price
Pork or Chicken Sandwich $9
Wings (8pcs) - BBQ, Buffalo, Fried $9

5 Responses

  1. Jose Abreu
    The staff is attentive and service is fast and responsive, yet somehow still cool and casual. Every employee passing by nodded a greeting or stopped to see if everything was to our liking...which it was!
  2. By far the best in Georgia if not the region. Staff is attentive, professional and just down right enjoyable. Brunswick stew is kicking and the best I have ever eaten ( try it with baked potato ).
  3. Adrian Sims
    The chicago style requested hard fried chicken wings combo was outstanding, with the delicious sauce. Mr. C's gets a standing ovation from me!
  4. Dear Uncle C and Carmen, Michelle and I would like to extend our thoughts and prayers to you and your family for your loss. Many condolences to you and also congratulations on your upcoming grandchild! We discovered you by accident last year and have been hooked ever since. Great food and great people and if you do move back to south Florida, we’ll have to pay you a visit. I highly recommend your fantastic food to anyone who happens to read this. They won’t be disappointed!😁😁
  5. Hello, we looking have quick lunch and work across street from Uncle C's BBQ. First visit for us and once we got our food we both agreed it was best BBQ sandwich in while since lot place quality as faded. We will visit Uncle C's again and buy plate next time with sides. Knock out food for fair price. Thank you!

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