Our Mobile BBQ Unit

The ribs here are excellent, it's $13 for a half-rack and you get some really good-size, meaty ribs. I stopped by here last Saturday after watching this place for awhile. It's hard to miss if you're in the area....you'll see the guy with his smoker out on the side of the road cooking the ribs. The seasoning is really good and the meat has a deep smokey flavor. The service is really good also, the people that operate this stand are extremely friendly. The sauce here, is the best in the universe in my opinion and probably set a bar that nobody else can reach.

This place is already very popular in this area, there was a constant stream of people in and out of here while I was eating. I can see these guys having a restaurant somewhere soon....they're that good.

When you come here, bring cash because that's all they accept and if you want to eat there, it's all outside. If not, you have to take it home.

It's worth the trip if you love good BBQ!!