Atlanta Cookout

I debated between "Good" and "Very Good," but I went to the cook-out in Atlanta and a "Very Good" is how I rated the food that we had from Uncle C's BBQ. It's simple, tasty and thrifty. The caterers were were friendly and the service was fast.

My husband and I took our grandkids there for a quick dinner. We sat in a boothe, used the soda machine and ice tea container to get our beverages and zipped back up to the counter to pick up our food. I can't remember what the price was, but it was very reasonable.

I had a barbecue sandwich with cole slaw and it was good. The fries were fine as well. The kids had a hamburger and chicken nuggets. The portions aren't large, but even so - the kids didn't eat it all. This place isn't somewhere you go for "fine food" or even a "hearty meal," but it is a place where I would definitely go again for fast food.

They have a long list of milkshake flavors and have a good size shake for around $2.50. I had the oreo milkshake and it was quite good. Their menu is very varied and they also have onion rings, hot dogs, hamburger and cheeseburgers, BLTs, chicken sandwiches and more.

I will definitely be visiting this Cook-Out again!