About Us

About Us

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It all originated in the early 90's when Uncle C and wife introduced their family secret brewed barbecue sauce to their friends. The Uncle C's original BBQ sauce was an instant hit at cookouts, gatherings & corporate events.

So when Uncle C entered a professional tasting and scored 92 out of 100 among the top elite sauce makers. No one was surprised, he knew he had a hit! The word soon spread and Uncle C's original BBQ sauce was in top demand at cookouts through the nation!

Now you can enjoy the "Best Kept Secret Sauce" on your favorite foods.

Where it all began

Woodstock Georgia is the birthplace of our special sauce. Using nothing but the best ingredients we prepare this original blend ideally designed for ribs, steaks, chicken and burgers.

It all started in the kitchen

Ask your favorite supermarket to carry Uncle C's Original BBQ sauce or buy it here online. It goes well as a marinade sauce on any meat.